What IS Sleep Training ..??

What is sleep training ?

Sleep training is the process of helping a baby/child learn to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. Some babies do this quickly and easily. But many others have trouble settling to sleep at night, or sleeping through the day, or getting back to sleep when they have wakened prematurely from a sleep cycle. When a parent identifies a problem with any of the above, this means that they might need some help to getting all the sleep they need.

Families are likely to seek the support of a sleep specialist if the sleep routine of a child in the family is starting to have an impact on family life. Once a family has determined that there are concerns around a sleep pattern, there are several ways to approach the situation. Sleep training must always be derived of gentle and appropriate methods, suitable to the child’s age and area identified for improvement.

Sleep specialists are trained to respond to each family’s personal circumstances, and upon receiving detailed information about sleep concerns and what is being highlighted as a problem, a personalised sleep program will be created.

Many people assume, (because they do sleep a lot), that babies have sleep down to a fine art. In actual fact, falling asleep independently is a learned skill which children aren’t born with and they rely on parents to help them develop this. Common problems which tend to arise:

“My baby will only go to sleep in my arms – help!”

“My baby will only go to sleep if they have milk first”

“I am taking the baby into my bed as it’s the only way he can be comforted”

The good news – all of these issues can be solved with professional and reliable guidance and support.

A Sleep Specialist will be able to provide guidance with things such as; the amount of sleep a child is recommended to have for their age. How long they should be awake for in between naps/bedtime/starting the day. How to follow a realistic sleep schedule each day. How to respond when things don’t go to plan. How to implement appropriate strategies to encourage change with sleep associations (feeding to sleep, using a dummy, rocking to sleep etc).

It is often a concern for families that a “Cry it Out” style method is required to achieve the results most families dream of. “Cry it Out” is not a method which I would ever recommend. There are many drawbacks to this method, which can have a serious long term psychological impact on a child as they develop a sense of abandonment when their parent does not respond to their distress signals.

I am qualified to use methods which are all evidence based and proven to achieve long lasting results. Every ounce of advice that I share with my clients is created to ensure gentle and gradual changes to a child’s routine, to softly encourage them to learn and maintain the essential skills of sleep.

Sleep is vital for a child in terms of growth, development and behaviour. Lack of sleep can have serious consequences for the entire family too, as mum and dad will quickly become exhausted when contending with a child who is experiencing sleep challenges.

Consider your options carefully, if you are considering sleep training for your family and you could benefit from finding out more about what to expect along the way, please get in touch to book your FREE 15min Phone Consultation Call, or download my FREE INFO PACK, available on my website.

Sweet Dreams !