Spring Forward 2020

Spring Forward 2020 Clock Change

It’s almost time!

…brighter mornings

….brighter evenings

….longer days

…..vitamin d

….summer is on it’s way! Finally!

Often these daylight savings cause havoc with our timings and rhythms for a while. They knock things out of time and things feel fuzzy. The best advice I can give to manage the upcoming spring clock change:

Option 1: Cold Turkey

On Saturday evening get your little one off to bed an hour earlier than usual. So if bedtime is usually 7pm, this is about to become 8p.m when the clocks go forward so tonight, 6pm is like 7pm!

If your child usually sleeps 12 hours from 7pm to 7am, you’ll still get the 12 hours from 6pm Saturday to 7am Sunday because we lose that hour in the night.


Option 2: Gradual Shift

If you don’t think your little one will manage to settle to sleep an hour early on the Saturday evening, you could work towards it gradually over the preceding days as follows:

Assuming a usual bedtime of 7pm

Wednesday bedtime is 6.45pm

Thursday bedtime is 6.30pm

Friday bedtime is 6.15pm

Saturday bedtime is 6.00pm

Then on Sunday you go back to your usual 7pm bedtime which falls at the same time as 6pm was the night before!

Option 3: Meet in the middle

The other option is to meet halfway and just put your little one to bed thirty minutes EARLIER than usual on the Saturday night.

This helps move towards the new time and doesn’t reduce the overall night sleep hours by too much.

Then, on the Sunday you’re back to usual bedtime by the new clock time.

Confused…? You’re not the only one! This stuff sometimes makes even my head a bit sore! Just take some time to consider the 3 options and hopefully you will find a good fit for your family to achieve a smooth clock change this spring.

These strategies are designed to assist babies and children who are already following a regular sleep routine with a fixed bedtime to transition smoothly through the clock change.

Remember, it may take up to a week for your little one to fully adjust and transition on to the new time so bear with it and if he/she is really tired, just go ahead with an early night because the last thing you want is to create a continually overtired situation.

Personally, I am aiming for the meet in the middle option with my pair. Because they have a big chunk of daytime sleep over the weekend when they are at home – catching up on anything they are short on from their days at nursery in the week etc, it’s unlikely that they will be ready for their sleep a full 1 hour early. So realistically, 30mins early is a fair compromise in our house!

Wishing you a smooth clock change and any further questions can be answered during the LIVE sleep clinic in 28th March – don’t forget to submit your sleep questions for a FREE response!