Christmas Sleep Tips

Christmas Sleep Tips from Child Sleep Specialist

If you’re worried about how to manage your little one’s sleep over the festives, then check out these Christmas Sleep Tips from Child Sleep Specialist Eileen, Fairy Sleep Mother !

There’s no denying that Christmas is an exciting time for children and all that excitement can lead to their sleep becoming disturbed.

It might be that you don’t see it coming then suddenly, your child who previously slept 7pm-7am without a peep, is now battling bedtime and waking at 5am every morning!

So to help you enjoy this time of year without paying the price in disturbed sleep, here are my top tips:

1. Try to Maintain a Sense of Calm

There is a heightened level of busyness at this time of year – it’s everywhere! Christmas concerts, busy shops, festive activities, lights, songs, family visits and the general busy vibe that parents will give off all contribute to a child’s tiredness. Sometimes saying “No” to an event or a visit if it’s too late for your child is the best option.

2. Avoid Late To Bed

It’s easy to lose track of time when things are hectic and the days seem to disappear. It only takes 1 or 2 late nights to throw off a child’s sleep for a week – or more ! Keep an eye on the time and stick to your normal bedtime routine.

3. Stick To The Rules

It’s all too easy to take the lazy option and just let the kids into your bed … but be warned ! This is likely to rapidly become a new habit that will be tough to shake long after the big man in the red suit has been to visit! Stick to the usual rules and bedtime routine for well managed sleep.

4. Fill Up The Sleep Tank

Overtiredness is usually the main culprit behind sleep challenges in children. Late bedtime, busy days, lots of activities, and minimal down time will all contribute to over tiredness. This will push them into a second wind zone where you’re likely to experience difficulty settling at bedtime, disturbed nights and/or early starts to the day. Make sure daytime sleep continues if your child still needs it and early to bed where needed.

5. Christmas Eve Calm

This is SUCH an exciting time – never mind the kids, I LOVE IT !! But… try to remember to have some “wind down” time for around an hour before bed, rather than expecting them to transition from full blown excitement to settling to sleep – it doesn’t work. You will have a better spirited child on Christmas Day if they can be well rested.

Hopefully these Christmas Sleep tips from your Child Sleep Specialist Eileen, Fairy Sleep Mother will help you to feel that your child’s sleep is manageable over the Christmas period.

Wishing you all a very merry, well slept Christmas !!