Baby Sleep Therapist

If you are a parent, you might have already looked into guidance from a Baby Sleep Therapist. What is a Baby Sleep Therapist?

How can they help?

What are the methods?

How much does it cost?

A Baby Sleep Therapist is qualified to provide support and guidance on a child’s sleep and this service is available to all parents. On offer will be evidence based guidance, support and information on how to successfully meet your child’s needs, as well as addressing any behavioural issues.

Each Baby Sleep Therapist sets their own prices and there are likely to be several options in terms of time frame, prices and payment.

A lot of effective sleep practices are often quite counter-intuitive, which makes it more difficult for parents and families to work out a solution to the problems which they are experiencing. That’s why sourcing reliable help and support through baby sleep therapy is a guaranteed way to ensure that you can be informed and confident about meeting those precious sleep needs!

Random Fact… Did you know… that babies are not born with the skill of sleep…?

That’s right!!

Sleep is in fact a learned skill, just like walking and talking, which cannot be developed if there is lots of assistance being offered – ie, rocking, holding, motion sleep in car or pram, dummy and feeding to sleep. It becomes a vicious circle – a child can’t learn to self settle because they aren’t getting the opportunity to, and parents can’t work out why their child can’t be more independent!

It often feels like it’s our duty to have that input, to have that time, to give all of that help in getting to sleep, and yes, to an extent that is true! But as a child gets older, they will be craving to learn how to settle to sleep themselves, as they are likely to be able to achieve longer sleep and better quality sleep with a successful self settle!

If you are thinking about working with a Baby Sleep Therapist, or you have any questions about the work I do or the support I can offer, please get in touch – /


for more information on how I can help you and your little one to sleep happily ever after!

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