Baby Sleep Guide Program

    (The first 4 Months)

Are you an expectant/new parent?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Need to know what to expect with your child’s sleep?

Could you use some expert guidance on your little one’s sleep requirements?


... Introducing the New Baby Sleep Guide Program, designed for newborn babies-4months.

Be confident from day 1 that your child is developing the skills they need for their precious sleep, vital for growth and development.

Don’t rely on Google’s offerings of generic, vague and conflicting advice…your child’s personalized sleep plan is designed to meet their specific sleep needs in order to achieve the best results.

Be informed and prepared for each stage of sleep and enjoy every second in your role as a new parent, without the stress or self-doubt that sleep deprivation brings.

Sleep is a vital skill that babies & children often need help to establish.

Encourage your child to establish essential sleep skills right from the start, with confidently implemented sleep optimization and promoting good sleep habits… for now and always !

New Baby Sleep Guide Program includes:

* Multiple Sleep Guidance info sheets

* Sleep & Weaning Guide

* Sleep Shaping Guide 

* Clock Change Guide 

* Sleep Support Group Inner Circle Invite

* Fairy Sleep Mother Sleep Tracker Notebook 

* Sleep Nanny Book

* £47 discount on any upgrade to a support       package within 12months

* 15% discount on any future 1-1 support 





Invest in your Family for guaranteed sleep!