I'm Eileen, I am mum to twin boys, and for 8 years I have worked as a Secondary School Music Teacher. 

Starting our family with twins was a lovely surprise, but the challenges we have faced have been less than easy. As a family we struggled as a direct result of sleep deprivation and not knowing how to address the issues we were experiencing. I spent hours trawling search engines and blogs for advice but nothing we tried seemed to work or improve things. 

By the time children were 18 months, I had developed anxiety, and started becoming frequently run down with episodes of exhaustion and my health often deteriorating. At this point, I was recommended a qualified sleep consultant. Within a matter of weeks my children's sleep routine was hugely improved, I was feeling much more healthy, and most importantly, everybody in our house was able to get the precious sleep we had all been without for so long.

Having first hand experience of "The Sleep Nanny System" and the potential to transform how families function, I have been inspired  to become a sleep consultant myself. As a fully certified and professional sleep specialist, I am passionate about working to help families struggling with sleep deprivation.

                                       ...Why wait? 

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